It is Important Status of Casing Tubes for the Oil Pipeline

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Important Usages of Casing Tubes

Casing tube can protect oil field so as to avoid pollution by the shallow water layer or shallow air layer; it can also support wellhead equipment and keep other layer weight of the casing.

API 5CT casing tubes

Separate the pressure of different levels so that drilling fluid lines can circulate normally and protect production casing tube.
In addition, in order to install blowout drilling device, suppressor equipment and tail pipe.

The oil casing tubes can derive the oil and gas from the storage layer of the earth surface.
What’s more, it is also used to protect well drilling and separates layer for drilling mud.

Important Status of Casing Tubes

Oil Casing tube plays an important role in petroleum industry, because the oil industry needs amounts of oil pipelines extensively.

Oil pipeline has large dosage, high cost meanwhile it has enormous potential of saving money and reducing cost.

The mechanical system and environmental behavior of oil pipeline have an important effect on petroleum industry adopting advanced processing and improve efficiency.

Safety and reliability is very important for the oil industry, because the failure of oil pipeline will cause huge losses.