Petroleum Pipeline Wide Application

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Petroleum pipeline is suitable for furnace tube, heat exchanger and pipe seamless steel pipe of oil refinery factory. The standard is GB9948-88. Petroleum pipe is a kind of strip steel with a hollow section and no seams around, while the petroleum cracking tube is a kind of economic cross section steel.

Petroleum Pipeline
petroleum pipeline

Petroleum pipeline is widely applied in manufacturing structure and mechanical parts such as petroleum drill pipe, auto transmission shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding of construction using. In addition, the oil petroleum cracking tube is used to produce annular parts, which not only can improve the material utilization, but also simplify the manufacturing process and save material and processing time.

For example, the rolling bearing ring and jack sets have been widely made of steel pipe. Due to different shape of cross section, the petroleum pipe is divided into round tube and section tube. Under the condition of equal circumference, the area of oil pipe is largest and can deliver more fluid.

Petroleum pipe is used in oil well, gas recovery, water injection and acidizing fracturing. Casting tube is applied in drilling into well as lining in order to prevent the well collapse of the pipe. Coupling is used to connect two root with threaded pipe.