how to maintain pipeline

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There are some ways to maintain pipeline as followings:
Pipeline maintenance subsidiary such as communications, monitoring, power equipment, are not unique to pipeline maintenance job content. Generally, pipeline maintenance pigging refers, line maintenance and pipe repairs.

Pipeline maintenance includes checking pipeline corrosion and corrosion conditions; check whether the pipeline leakage point; check mark damaged, etc; check along the hydraulic structures and the covering of soil wastage; Check along the valve. Once you have checked out the pipe lines and equipment failure, shall promptly repair or updates. Long pipeline route, at any time subject to man-made damage and natural disasters may, therefore, be regular patrol lines and maintenance work. In addition, it has a special pipeline maintenance team, equipped with the necessary mobility equipment, earthwork construction machinery, welding and sealing equipment and communication tools, in order to be ready to repair.

Daily anti-corrosion check: regular testing protection potential along the pipeline; by coating detector on the ground to check the integrity of the pipeline coating and found damaged, promptly dug repair. Within the old pipeline corrosion inspection is a complex work, cup-type pigging commonly performed with test instruments. Test instruments include magnetic detectors in the detection of corrosion and ultrasonic wall thickness gauge detecting and calculating the distance traveled by the number of revolutions of the supporting wheel will be converted to all test parameters into the signal recorded on the tape. After testing, the tape to be interpreted by a computer, it can indicate the degree of corrosion and corrosion of the pipeline location.