the production technology of API steel pipes

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API steel pipes production technology which is the straight seam welded process is widely accepted all over the world. In fact, API steel pipes is a kind of welded steel pipe that has no seams. Although, API 5L pipe has no more applications than the welded steel pipe, the API steel pipes is mainly used for industry that connect to the oil and natural gas transportation. And its application will be increasing with the increasing and development of the oil and natural gas demand and project constructions.

API steel pipes

Due to advanced production technology at Anson Steel Manufacturer, the sulfur content of carbon, phosphor as well as the sulfur are controlled reasonably during the process workers can add to a trace of alloying elements meanwhile. This production technology straight seam welded for API steel pipes  includes the following processes: first, carry out pretreatment to the molten iron, then proceed with smelt, refine, sheet stamping, hot rolling, laminar flow cooling, plate rolling, seam welding as well as test. And in the middle of welding technique, it is better to control the parameters like welding speed, temperature, extrusion amount as well as the angular aperture.

This production technology can improve the composition proportion of material that is used for producing API steel pipes and promote welding technique at the same time. Moreover, API 5L pipe has lots of characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good welding toughness, good performance of extrusion together with easy to control the quality and low cost. At present, API seamless pipes that are used in petroleum and oil gas industry has some problems of large ovality, uneven wall thickness, high cost and not enough damage resistant property. While using welded API steel pipe influence the service life of the wells severely. The welded steel pipe and black pipe are also available in petroleum and oil gas projects. So it is important to create and import of advanced technology that can overcome the shortcoming of current technique.

The detailed production technology includes the following processes. First, carry out the pretreatment of the liquid iron. And then put liquid iron into the revolving furnace to carry out smelting. And add alloy elements in the middle of melting. Second, put liquid steel after smelting in the revolving furnace into the refining furnace again to proceed with smelting. And make the liquid steel after smelting in the refining furnace into the steel feed. Then turn the steel feed into banding board through blooming, precision rolling and finish rolling with hot rolling mill. Then, carry out laminar flow cooling treatment to the banding board after hot rolling. Wind the banding board after laminar flow cooling treatment into casting pipe with winding machine. Finally, weld the welding seam of the casting pipe after winding with welding machine.