what is steel casing pipe?

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Petroleum steel casing pipe is the important equipment in petroleum drilling including drill pipe, core barrel and casing pipe, drill collar as well as small diameter drilling with steel tube etc. Domestic steel casing pipe is made with geological drilling steel through hot rolling and cold-drawing, the steel grade is indicated by “geological (DZ)”.

steel casing pipe

Steel casing tube is a kind of pipe to support oil and gas well sidewall to guarantee the drilling process and the whole oil well normal operation after drillings. According to different drilling depth and geological condition, each well uses several layers casing tube. Different from the oil pipe and drilling pipe, steel casing pipe is the one-time consumption materials without repeating using, so it adopts cement to fasten oil well. Therefore, the consumption of casing pipe is accounted for more than 70% of the total oil well pipe.

Basing on the application, steel casing pipe can be divided into catheter, surface casing, intermediate casing and oil-string casing.

Casing tube grades: H40, J55,K55, N80, L80, C90,T95, P110, Q125 etc.

Casing tube end processing forms: flush end, short round thread, long round thread, buttress thread and special shackle.